Friday, July 20, 2012

Tips for Shopping (On a Limited Budget)

There are so many ways to shop smart.  Saving money when shopping is fairly simple if you know some basic tips.  

1) Always keep your current wardrobe in mind. It is easy to buy a piece that gets your imagination going, but then you get home you realize it doesn't work with ANYTHING you already own. It is always fun to try new looks and experiment with different styles, but consider splurging on items you know you can use most everyday with your current wardrobe. Also, buy items that make you feel comfortable and confident. The pieces that sit in the back of the closet are often those that never made you feel confident and/or comfortable enough to wear them.  

2) Buy pieces that can work for more than one season. Of course this does not mean to skip on buying a coat if you live in New York, but keep in mind that some items have a couple-months-only-a-year lifespan. This is also a great tip on picking a color of an item. If a top comes in 10 different colors and it is SO hard to pick just one, picking the neutral one (beige, black, white, etc.) is a great option. Neutral colors transition easily throughout the year...and throughout the trends.

Some great jewelry pieces that I have worn season after season:

3) Only splurge on trends you won't mind wearing after the craze. Trends can cause a whirlwind of spending on items that are so "of the moment" that are definitely not so popular the next moment. Considering this, think twice before buying a super trendy (and expensive) piece. Also keep in mind that a lot of fashion looks come back into style after a few seasons. One great example is cheetah print shoes. Sometimes the fall season is built around them, and other times, fall forgets all about them. But if you love an item so much, regardless of the trends, buy it. Some pieces are so timeless anyway that they can be worn for decades to come, like lovely Cheetah print pumps and flats.

4) Always keep your eyes open at bargain stores for style-dupes of popular department store (or designer) pieces*. This may be a very controversial opinion to have, but keep an open mind, especially if you are shopping on a budget. I have seen countless "high-end" designs copied by lower-priced designers or retailers, and vice versa. It seems as though every summer a particular wedge or sandal shoe of a higher-priced designer is copied by countless lower-priced designers. This does not go to say that the quality is the same, but the overall look is virtually identical. If the look of an item is more important to you than the brand or price you payed, then go ahead and buy the lower-priced option! Many times no one else can tell the difference.  *One very important comment I must make, is that I absolutely do not endorse the buying or selling of counterfeit goods/"fake designer"/any product that is imitating the logo or brand labeling of a brand that it is not. I will not go on about this in this post, but I am absolutely not suggesting buying the "good-types" listed above. 

5) Carry the money you're willing or able to spend in CASH. Especially when shopping with friends, it is so easy to get carried away and spend well over your budget when buying with credit cards. Instead, carry in cash what you can spend and it will not only be easy to keep track of your spending, but it also helps you budget at each store by being able to see exactly how much you have to work with. Overall, it is a great technique as long as you do not resort to credit cards when the cash runs out.

6) Sign up on the email-list to your favorite stores to get special sale information and coupons. Many popular stores have an email list you can sign up on to always be updated on great deals, sales, and available coupons. It is a great way to save money when you receive coupons regularly from stores you frequently shop at. Even better, many stores offer online-only sales that they notify through email! Sometimes they even offer free shipping and free in-store returns that are so convenient, especially if the store did not have your size in an item you love.

7) Try to buy in-store as much as you can to avoid costly shipping when buying online. This of course depends on the particular circumstance, but buying online can be very costly.  Some websites charge for shipping, and many times it is very expensive (especially when you are only buying one item). Many times they offer free shipping when you spend over a certain amount (which is usually high) so more often than not you spend MUCH more than you intended which definitely does not help when trying to keep to a certain budget. Also, keep in mind that even if an item is sent to you with free shipping, you may have to pay to send it back if need be.

8) Never rip the tags off your new clothes when you first get home. There are so many reasons not to do this, but the number one is having to live with a defective item. You may find a whole or rip in a piece and then be stuck with it if the store is not willing to return or exchange it. Nothing feels worse than spending money on an item that you end up not being able to wear. To save yourself from any negative surprises, always check the store's return policy before buying.

---> Do you have any shopping rules that you live by?

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Made Simple

I did this look on a shoot for Fall 2011, and it turned out to be so simple that I have to share it! It can be used at MANY other times than the fall season, but for those that like to be "seasonal", you may find this look appealing. The main point with this look is simplicity. I only used these products:

-MAC Studio Fix Fluid (light application as foundation)
-MAC eyeshadows in: "Bright Future" and "Time and Space" (applied together with a very light sweep on the top of cheekbones)

-MAC eyeshadows in: "Bright Future" (yellow color on brow bone area) and "Time and Space" (on lid and in crease area)
-MAC Zoom Lash mascara in "Zoom Black"

-MAC lip pencil in "Burgundy"
-MAC lipstick in "Queen's Sin"
-MAC lipgloss in

(Many of these products were a limited edition item and can not currently be purchased in store.)

As you probably noticed, I did not use any setting powder, eye-brow products, or any eyeliner. Fortunately her eyebrows fit the look perfectly in their natural state and her skin was very neutral (in terms of skin-type). The photographer and I also wanted to have her freckles show through. As for the eyeliner, the simplicity of this look was achieved by it missing. The model has a quality of innocence to her that was EXACTLY what the photographer was looking for. Overall, I am incredibly pleased with this look and how it photographed. It looked even more stunning in person.

---> Do you have a tried-and-true fall look?

To buy the listed products and browse others, visit MAC online.

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Monday, July 4, 2011

Simple Summer Skin

Summer typically calls for a different skin regimen and makeup products as well. I can usually get away with using my same foundation product throughout summer, but I typically use it in different ways. What I also use differently during the summer time is other face products like bronzer, primers/bases, etc. For a simple summer skin look, I used a total of 4 products:

1) Skin Mattifyer- between the brow and chin area [I like: MAC matte]

2) Foundation- focusing mainly on center of the face, but used very lightly with a Duo Fibre brush [I like: MAC studio fix fluid]

3) Bronzing Cream-Stick- focused on front of the cheek bone, then blended back and down[I like: MAC Skinsheen Bronzer Stick in "Gilty Bronze" from Summer 2011]

4) Mineralized powder- only on the t-zone area, and patted very lightly with a large fluffy brush [I like: MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural]

For this summer look, I would pair a very natural eye look with a more "stand-out", yet more natural, lip color. In any case, the skin products I used here can be used in so many different ways. For example, when it's very hot, you can dust on just the mineralized powder and go! If your in a real hurry, but don't want to skimp on color, you can use cream bronzing products on eyelids, lips and cheeks! Cream products are great as multi-purpose products, so don't be afraid of swapping out cream bronzer for cream blushes in fresh pink and corals colors for summer if that suits your style better. Overall, summer is a great season to go light on makeup and let your natural beauty shine through.

---> What is your go-to summer look?

To buy the products listed here, go to MAC cosmetics online.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Risque, Ravishing Red

Red lips can be dramatic, eye-catching, glamorous, vintage......the list goes on. Why do so many people think they're so hard to pull off? The answer may be...

1) the tone of red. There are several different red tones, and the wrong one can make even the most glamorous look turn...well, not so glamorous.

2) the application. If red lipstick (liner or gloss) isn't applied correctly, it will definitely show.

3) the color bleeds into lip lines. Yes, this is true of red, but also of ALL dark lip colors. Glosses and lipsticks in highly pigmented colors show "bleeding" and can be difficult to prevent.

So what can be done to prevent all of these common problems? The answers are simple...

1) If you have trouble picking out the right reds, try the makeup artists at your local department store! They aren't always 100% spot on, but they can at least give you different perspective on color choices.
Another way to pick the best red is to really keep in mind your hair color, skin tone, and how you wear your makeup. For example, if you have a very bright, red hair color, a bright blue-based red lip color may not be the best choice. Play around with deeper reds like crimson! As for skin tone, there is no one-size-fits-all. Even though two people may have pink undertones in there skin, the depth of their skin color will make all the difference. And of course, the way you wear your makeup will also make a big difference. I have noticed that bright, "true" reds (like MAC's "Brave Red: which is shown in the picture) look great with bronzed cheekbones and a beautiful brown, contoured eye look. But there are absolutely NO RULES to makeup, so play around with your makeup looks and a wide selection of red lip colors to see what works best on you!

2) Dark lip colors highlight any imperfections in applications and lip texture. Make sure to prep your lips by exfoliating and moisturizing before applying ANY dark lip colors. Flakey lips look even more dry with a dark color on top of them. As for application, use a lip brush (or any small, stiff makeup brush) if you need to. Lip brushes are great for creating nice straight edges.

3) Dark colors, whether in a gloss or stick form, will bleed into lip lines. Everyone has lip lines whether you are 16 or 60, so technique is very important to having the perfect red lips. Some of my tips include lining your lips and filling them in with a lip liner. The liner can match the lip color or it can be nude (match your exact skin tone and color) for a fool-proof application. Of course, you can use darker or lighter liners, but they will change the color of the lipstick/lipgloss you are using. I also recommend "lining" the outside of the applied lip color with pressed powder on a stiff brush. This will form a barrier around the lip color that will help the longevity of the lipliner. This technique is especially helpful when using a dark lipgloss. Lipgloss bleeds even more quickly than lipstick, so you may want to try this for other lip colors as well.

Red lip color is SO worth the extra efforts it takes to make your lips look perfect. Using some of these tips will help you find the right color and apply them perfectly to give you a glamorous, VERY confident, beautiful look.

---> What is your favorite red lipstick and lipgloss?

To buy MAC's "Brave Red", and to shop other lip colors by MAC, click here to go to MAC online.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cool and Warm

Grays and Browns......the Unexpected Power Couple

This look is surprisingly easy to achieve. The most important part is to find the perfect shades of browns and grays to mix. I used very warm browns, a "true gray", a warmer gray, and a white to pull it all together. You don't have to use the exact shadows I used of course, but see how well they look together even just in the pan? Make sure and be aware of the finish (or texture) of the shadows. I recommend mattes for the most part, and maybe 1 or 2 of the colors in a satin or pearl finish. If you don't feel comfortable using a white shadow, swap it for a vanilla shade or something close to your skin tone.

(All MAC brand shadows. Color names from top left to bottom right: Gesso, Kid, Texture, Scene, Smokin, Apres Ski)
My Basic Steps for this Look:

1) Prime with a natural, matte base all over the eye area
2) Soft brown in the crease area (Color I used: "Kid")
3) White to highlight (Color I used: "Gesso")
4) Dark brown on the lash lines (Color I used: "Smokin")
5) Grays in the outer-eye area  (Colors I used: "Scene" and "Apres Ski")
6) "Middle" brown in the inner eye area  (Color I used: "Texture")

I particularly love that this look does not require black rimmed water-lines, false lashes, or anything else really but the shadows, but of course any of the above can be added for more beautiful drama. These colors will also go great with ALL eye colors and skin tones. The shadow colors may need to be adjusted to fit your particular skin tone, but have fun playing around with the endless color combos! Especially for lips, try a beautiful deep red, clear, or a nude with this look! You can't go wrong. You can tweak this look to any style or occasion. Have fun!

--->vWhat cheek color would you pair with this look?

Select eyeshadows and other makeup products used available at MAC online.

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Foundation Routine for Dry Skin

Products Used
- M.A.C Lightful Creme
- M.A.C Mixing Medium for face and body
- M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid
- M.A.C Fix+ Spray
- M.A.C Studio Finish Concealer
- M.A.C Prep+Prime Transparent Powder
- M.A.C. Creme Color Base in "Hush"
- M.A.C Paint Pot in "Coral Crepe"

Steps for your "Dry Skin Makeup Routine"
1) Moisturize your skin with M.A.C. lightful creme. Using a brush is best to apply because you will have the least amount of pulling on your skin.

2) Again with a brush, apply the mixing medium all over the skin. Make sure you don't forget the eye area! If needed, apply a little to areas that might be a little more dry.

3) Dispense some of the liquid foundation (M.A.C.'s studio fix for the best coverage) onto a clean surface. Take a brush and evenly coat the bristles with the foundation and start working it into the skin. Make sure your foundation is blended well and worked into your hairline and past your jawline so there aren't any lines.

4) Spritz your entire face with Fix+.

5) If you need more coverage on certain spots or under your eyes, blend some Studio Finish Concealer with your finger and/or your favorite concealer brush.

6) If you applied any more product, spritz again with Fix+.

7) Take some of the Prep+Prime translucent powder on a fluffy, yet stiff brush, and lightly pat JUST under the eye to seal the foundation/concealer applied here.

8) To add some highlight and light color to your cheekbones, add some "Hush" Cream Color base with a brush or makeup sponge. You can highlight other areas of your face with this product as well. Make sure you blend the edges of where you apply this product.

9) If you would like a flush of a richer color, evenly coat the bristles of a duo-fiber brush with your favorite color of M.A.C.'s paint pots. Don't be afraid to use this product as a blush, to contour, as an eyeshadow, or lip color.

10) Spritz your entire face again with Fix+ and that's it!

-----> What is your foundation routine?

All (but limited edition products) of these products can be purchased at M.A.C Cosmetics.

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Monday, August 9, 2010

Product Under-Dog

There are HUNDREDS of products out there that are virtually unknown to the public...mainly because of the THOUSANDS of beauty brands and products out there. Out of the few brands that we all know, love, and lust after :) there are still products even within them that we don't really know of! Even if we saw them on the counter we just pass them by...but I am here to make all (types of) products equally known, loved, and lusted after!!! :)
One of my favorite "under-dogs" is MAC's cream colour base (and yes, color is spelled "colour" on the label). This particular shade is "Hush" which has a frost finish. I own and use two additional shades, but they aren't as versatile as this one. *FYI: the two other shades are 1) a black sheen which is featured in my youtube video "Makeup Artist Starter Kit" and 2) a deep plum with pearl flecks, both are discontinued*
Basic uses with this product:
1) All-Over Highlight
2) Lipstick
3) Eyeshadow
4) Blush
So basically, this is one of those products that I just always keep within reach. MAC has a few other shades that would work for most skin tones, but I feel like Hush is very universal and looks natural on everyone.
---> What's your favorite "under-dog" product?
To buy this product and to view more shades, go to
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Monday, August 2, 2010

So Steamy!!!

MAC's newest mascara, perfectly named "Haute & Naughty Lash" is kind of my newest obsession. I have been using this mascara, and this mascara alone for a few weeks now. It is still only available online (as of July 2010), but is SO worth ordering. The formula and richness of the black pigmentation is really to die for. I'm hoping the formula will hold up through hundreds of applications like all my other MAC I'm pretty sure I won't be let down. :)

So...this mascara is advertised or talked about as having "two brushes"...which is not true...technically. You're no getting two brushes for the price of one, but what makes this mascara unique is the two different ways the mascara is distributed while only being from one tube. In these pictures you can see what I mean. I don't know how well you can see the difference here, but these is more mascara product on the first picture then the second. The second picture has more space between the bristles, and you can virtually see every distinct bristle fiber. Then in the first picture you can only see the top tips of the wand fibers. The difference may be sublte, but when applied on your lashes the difference is MUCH more noticeable.

You may be wondering how MAC came up with this great invention :) and it's pretty obvious once you see how they did it. Basically, you have your basic tube of mascara with a funky cap. But the "caps" are really seperate. When you turn open the (top) pink cap [picture #1], you get a nice thin-wanded brush with a light dose of mascara distributed perfectly, of course. Then you screw that back on and screw off the purple AND pink [picture #2] together, and you get a "chunky-er" wanded brush with lots of rich mascara formula covering each bristle. The secret is the center "piece" [picture #3]. no how in lipglosses (not tube glosses that just ooze out of the little top-opening) you can sometimes see that part towards the top that squeezes off excess gloss right before you pull the entire wand out? Well, even if you don't know exactly what I mean, you're getting the same concept happening in this amazing mascara!!! The middle piece [picture #3] basically squeezes off a bunch of mascara before you pull out the pink cap (by itself). And when you screw off both caps together, the mascara comes out as normal...with lots and LOTS of product.

So there you go! That's the secret to MAC's "Haute & Naughty" mascara. I really love this mascara, and I know I'll be buying it again for myself and others. I just love how it gives you the option of having very light and "weightless" application that looks pretty and natural, without throwing away and losing any of the formula...and your money! I got my mom really intrigued by this mascara, so I think I'm going to make a MAC run and order it...and hopefully JUST that. :)

---> What's your favorite new mascara?

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Friday, July 23, 2010

Beautiful Summer Look

I did this look for a photoshoot recently, and I really love it. I wanted to share it because I think it works well for the summer! Of course the "everyday" application can be modified [lightened] if you prefer, but the look overall is really beautiful. Even for the photoshoot, the application was pretty simple, but I'm going to give you a simple list of products and how to apply:

Product and Application Steps in Order [with product suggestion]:

1) SPF Base/Spf Lotion- Apply this evenly all over the face AND neck and ears. Especially if your going to be outside most of the day, please find the highest SPF you can find. I prefer to apply everything on my face with a brush to eliminate as much pull-and-tug as possible. It's also easier to apply everything evenly.
[MAC Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF50]

2) Foundation/Tinted Moisturizer- You can make your own tinted SPF moisturizer (I tell you how in a previous post) or use a SPF foundation...depending on how much coverage you would like. Again, make sure and apply this evenly on your face AND neck and even ears. If your using a color that's slightly darker than you natural face color (or even neck color) then make sure you blend your foundation PERFECTLY all the way down past your neck. If you have the extra money, I would suggest also buying the Beauty Blender. If not, using a thick, moist face sponge would do the trick to stipple on your foundation.
[MAC Studio Moisture Tint SPF15, Beauty Blender]

3) Concealer- Try and find an SPF concealer with a creamer texture. A creamy formula (about 1-2 shades lighter than your foundation) will apply best, and you can apply it with a brush or tip of Beauty Blender. Blend the concealer well when you feather it out to the rest of your face. You may need to take the tool (Beauty Blender, hands, brush, etc.) you applied your foundation with and blend this out on the cheek area, but don't add more foundation if you don't need to. If there are any other spot on your face that need extra coverage, just apply a thicker-formula SPF concealer and blend well.
[under eyes: MAC Select Moisturecover, face: MAC Studio Finish SPF35 Concealer]

4) Concealer Powder- This step is a must in ANY makeup application. Concealer will never fail to crease up and fade and do all kinds of crazy things. The one way to prevent this is to apply a loose translucent powder right after applying and smoothing out your concealer. All you need is a nice flat (and fluffy) brush, and pat the powder right in! I swear, you concealer will stay perfect for HOURS.
[MAC Prep + Prime Transparent Finishing Powder]

5) Face Powder- You can use the same translucent powder for your "concealer sealer", or use a light mineralize powder to veil your entire makeup application...all the way down to your neck. If you need extra coverage, you can apply a foundation powder, but blend well so your look isn't cakey.
[light powder: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, extra coverage: MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation]

6) Blush/Bronzer- I personally like to do this step last, but for the sake of an organized step-by-step tutorial, this is next. If you have light skin, don't be afraid to bronze (first) and blush. The bronze will really warms up your skin tone, and the blush blended into the bronzer gives a nice summery, beautiful, healthy glow.
[MAC Powder Blush]


1)Base & Color- You could use the same concealer you used for your skin, or you could use a specific base. There are SO many options, but for this particular look, just blending [face] concealer from your brown down will do. Then mix a mixing medium and a loose pigment to a smooth, slightly watery consistency and apply with a flat brush from the lashline upwards. To really seal in the color and add depth, apply a dry layer of the same pigment.
[MAC Pigment in Mauvement. This color isn't currently available online, but this color is common with many of MAC's launches. The mixing medium is a MACpro product, but you can order it by calling MAC or any MACpro store. .]

2) Highlight- Dust on any light and/or shiny powder on your brow bone and inside corner of the eye to add a little shine to your eyes. You can even use a gloss to add a more natural looking sheen.
[MAC Gloss]

3) Brows/Lashes- I pretty much always fill in and shape the brows, but if your not comfortable with this step, then by all means skip it. In this photo, I filled in the model's natural brow shape with a pressed shadow that matched her hair color. I then set it with clear brow gel to keep the hairs in place. For lashes I put false lashed on the model, but this is also totally optional. But for summertime or anytime
[MAC Eye Shadow, MAC Lash with MAC Splashproof Mascara]

1) Moisturize- Always moisturize and prep your lips before putting any product on them. Especially during the summer, lips get ultra dry and chapped and putting product on lips in that condition won't look so pretty. In this step you could really use ANTHING-chap stick, lip balm, lip moisturizer, etc.... If you have the extra cash, I would suggest getting a lip primer. It'll come in handy, and you can use it for any look.
[MAC Prep+Prime Lip]

2) Color- You can stop at the last step, at this step, or one step further. It's all up to you and what your comfort zone is. For this look though, I would apply at least a sheer coral lipgloss. On the model I applied nude lipstick and lipgloss, but again, modify this look to how you would like to wear it. There are also plenty of tinted lip conditioners out there, so go look around! And if you want color that's ultra natural looking, go for a lipstain.

[MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF15, MAC Pro Longwear Lipstain Marker, MAC Viva Glam Lipstick in Viva Glamm II, MAC Cremesheen Glass in Richer, Lusher]

---> Which of these products do you like the best?

To buy these products and view swatches, visit

Psalm Psalm 4:4-8

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Keep it Clean!!!

In our world...humans sometimes don't win the war against germs and viruses. But thankfully we have plently of ways to keep ourselves protected!!! After eating well and maintaining a healthy diet to boost our immune system, keeping our hands clean is equally as important. Ways that we spread deadly germs around is by not washing our hands and touching surfaces that THOUSANDS of other [dirty] hands touch...then we touch our face! Eyes!! and MOUTH!!! To put it in one word...EEEWW. But more importantly, this is exactly how we get lethal sicknesses!

But there is such a SIMPLE way to protect ourselves....just carry around a little hand sanitizer and USE IT :) I know for me, the typical sanitizer that burns my nose when I use it wasn't my favorite..but Bath and Body works has SO many different colors and scents that aren't too strong smelling! I literally have about 20 of these, and always have one in my purse and in my car and use them all the time. Call me crazy, but I use it EVERY time after I get gas, before I eat, after I shop at the store, and pretty much every time I have been touching things whose origins I'm not so sure about :) And to top it off, they only cost about $1 each and sometimes even cheaper when they have a sale! So please, help the world be healthy and don't forget to wash your hands!

---> What's your favorite hand sanitizer scent?

To buy this product and browse other scents, visit or visit a store at any location.

Psalm 78: 5-7
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Monday, June 14, 2010

Top Hair Product for Stylists and Consumers

I have tried many brands of pomade and I've liked many. So far though I have bought only this one twice. Largely because of the low price :), but also because of the wonderful smell and great workability, I have this pomade with me EVERYWHERE I go. I use this on photoshoots and myself of course. There are several uses for pomade, but here are a few:

+Tame fly-aways
+Add shine throughout hair
+Slight hold of any hairstyle

---> What styling product do you carry around with you?

To buy this product and see other products by this brand, visit:

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

What's in my makeup bag today..........

Today I forgot my brushes to use my eyeshadows... :( but I survived. ANYWAYS...I thought it might be interesting to post what I chose (in about 15 seconds) to take with me to work today.

The first choice goes to...........MAC studio fix powder . I actually have this in my purse at ALL times. It comes in handy for SO many reasons. I use it all the time for touch ups, of course. But if I have a fluffy powder brush and some lotion and/or fix+ spray (charged water is virtually the same thing...and I also have it on this list), I use it for "foundation" in emergencies when I forget my usual foundation. Another way I use this powder is for lining my lipgloss (and lipsticks). I take the sponge applicator it comes with (or small angle/flat brush) and carefully outline my lips after I apply my lipgloss. Lips look so much cleaner and better when you line them with powder. Studio fix powder (a highly pigmented powder) doesn't necesarily have to be used. You can use virtually any powder that matches your skin color. Just be carefull about blending and making sure that the "line" isn't thick AT ALL and doesn't look like you have extra powder around your lips. Think of it as a way of highlighting...instead of powdering.

Next.........i threw in an eyeliner! I love MAC's technakohl liners. They are super convenient and don't require a sharpener, and trust me, this is a God-sent. Not only that, but i also love the texture and ease of applying Technakohls. They glide on nicely and have a beautiful sheen to them (unfortunetly the picture doesn't really pick up on the sheen). I chose grey instead of black because it is much softer and is easer to cover up if you make a mistake when you apply it. If your line isn't absolutely perfect, grey doesn't accentuate that. So if your in a rush to even put on your makeup (like I was this morning), grey is the color to chose for liner.

To go with my liner, I picked a dark, rich, mascara. Zoom Fast Black Lash (from MAC) is very rich in color. There are so many "black" mascaras out there that look chalky and not very pretty when you apply it. The brush of the Zoom Fast also distinguishes itself well from other mascaras. For example, I always use this or the original Zoom Lash when I do makeup for someone who has sparsh lashes. The brush has spread out, short but thick lashes that really grab on to lashes. This mascara really accentuates any little bit of lashes that it touches. Even for long, full lashes, this mascara is great. It really shows them off.

The next products are for my brows..which I ALWAYS do-up. I use all of 4!! yes, 4....products for my brows. First step is to brush them out and form them so the hairs are easier to work with and not all over the place. That's where the brow brush comes in (the brush on the far left). Then I strategically brush on my brow-colored powder (I use Espresso from MAC which is the shadow on the bottom right corner of the palette). I use powder instead of pencils because powders look much more natural and don't typically creat harsh lines when applied softly. I also have full brows that don't require alot of filling in and shaping though...but others with very sparse lashed almost always need a pencil in addition to powder. Powders are also much easier to blend out, so if you accidently put to much on one spot, just brush it out and it will soften up! Lastly, I ALWAYS put on brow gel. MAC's brow gel is great because you can use it by itself as well. The gel is so greatly pigmented that you can really wear it alone..especially if you have full brows that just need to be tamed. But even when the gel is layered over already powdered brows, the color just blends in nicely. Either way, brow gel is a MUST no matte what. Even if you can only carry a couple things in your purse.

The last product I tossed in my makeup bag was MAC's Charged Water which is pretty much the same exact thing as Fix+ . I bring this with me whenever I can because it's a great "pick-me-up" for your skin when it's feeling dry and looks a little dull. But more importantly, it's best to spray on right after you've applied any powder or in addition to your (liquid/cream) foundation. It helps your skin from looking any bit cakey. Technically you could spray a fine mist of water on your face...but who's going to carry around a spray bottle? :) I also love fix+ spray for when i apply cream blushes or lustre drops because it helps the product to settle better and blend easier. Fix+ can be used in so many ways, but those are some of my favorites.
I hope this is helpful...and can help you decide on what to put in your makeup bag when all you have is a few seconds!! Feel free to ask about any other products or tips!
---> What do you have in your makeup bag?
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Most Generous Lipstick ♥

MAC (cosmetics) has a wonderful AIDS foundation/program: VIVA GLAM. They have a great variety of lipsticks (and a couple glosses) in BEAUTIFUL shades, and when purchased, 100% of the purchase price goes to the fight against AIDS. ***P.S. Because of donation purposes, the "Back to MAC" program is not not applied any VIVA GLAM products*** Also, every Christmas season, you can get your hands on one of the VIVA GLAM palettes. Every year the casing is different, but every year they're beautiful. :)

About 2 years ago, I bought a palette from the Christmas sets which has 2 VIVA GLAM lipsticks and a gloss. The lipsticks are VIVA GLAM IV and VIVA GLAM II, and the gloss is VIVA GLAM VI. The gloss and lipstick V.G. II are my absolute favorite (they are in all the swatches). The lipstick is a perfect nude-pink with a satin chunky sparkles...which looks great on everyone!
Now the lipgloss is equally amazing :) The "glitter chunks" might be to large for aged skin to wear alone, but layered over liner and lipstick will help. Colorwise on the other hand is universally attractive for all skin tones. I'm not sure how to describe it, but on my skin it's the perfect rosy/darkened pink/lightened berry shade I could ever ask for! I love to wear this gloss by itself, and it goes beautifully with dark brown/black smokey eyes, or for a simplified-glamour look.

The swatches here are (from the left) are the lipstick, the lipgloss, and a combo of the gloss layered over the lipstick.

---> What's your favorite VIVA GLAM product?

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Friday, June 4, 2010

How to make your own tinted SPF/sunscreen moisturizer

Have you ever gone to the makeup counter, at the department or drug store, and seen all the tinted moisturizers...or lack there of? There are so many different formulas and colors, and it's very easy to feel discouraged! :( But if you have your favorite LIQUID or CREAM foundation at home already...your half-way there to your perfect tinted moisturizer!

Tinted moisturizer is perfect for those days that your skin feels perfect and you don't want and don't need to load your face (and neck) with heavy makeup! I use tinted moisturizer for my every-day-makeup application, and especially if i'm going to the beach or if i'm going to be outside for most of my day. I highly recommend using tinted moisturizer for every day use, because it not only covers small imperfections, but keeps your skin VERY moisturized and supple all day long! It looks great on everyone, and is healthier for your skin and complexion than straight foundation.

All you need is your perfectly matched foundation (with or without SPF) and a moisturizer with SPF.

1) Put one small, dime-size glob of moisturizer on your hand, pitri dish, or any CLEAN and SANITIZED place you will mix the two products.2) Put the same amount of foundation on TOP of the moisturizer. Putting the foundation on top will help you mix the two products.

3) slowly mix the products as thoroughly as possible. You will know you've mixed well when you don't see a lot of white (moisturizer), and more foundation-color. ***It's ok to not mix the two products perfectly because you will technically already be mixing it when you apply it to your skin.***

4) Apply your custom tinted moisturizer to your skin, and make sure to blend well!!! If you find you need more coverage, just add more foundation little by little. Apply concealer if needed on spots that you need to be covered more.

How to REALLY make it your own......

The amount of moisturizer compared to amount of foundation will affect the tinted moisturizer you put on your skin. The more moisturizer, the lighter the foundation will appear, and you will get less coverage. And the more foundation, the more coverage you'll get, but a little less benefits of the moisturizer will be on your skin. You'll have to try different combinations to get the perfect mix for your skin. And keep in mind that it will need to change your mixture slightly by the season (if your skin changes its needs).

The two products are the two I use, (top) MAC studio fix fluid (with SPF 15), and (bottom) PONDS moisturizer. I'm inside more than outside on a regular basis, so the SPF in my foundation suits me. But making your own tinted moisturizer lets you customize it to YOUR needs.

---> What two products will you try? Or do you use already?

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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

What to ALWAYS have within reach......

Mine is a little beat up...but salve is one of my top "Must-Have" products for my purse, car, bed-side, everywhere! Salves come in different colors, scents, and of course brands. This was the first kind I bought a while ago, and I also have on by MAC (from the Naked Honey collection) that came out last summer but is no longer available.
ANYWAYS.... :) Salve is something that men AND women should have close by because it has SO many uses. "What are all these uses", you want to know?

-Lip conditioner/chapstick
-Makeup Remover (salve has SAVED my livelyhood with this! )
-Hair product/de-frizzer (it works like a pomade product)
-Burn ointment ( helps the burning pain to go away)
-Highlighter (if you put this on your brow bone
-Cuticle treatment/moisturizer
-Deep on hands and knees even!
-Very light perfume (if you get a scented one)
-And many more!

---> What other ways have you used salve?

To buy the photographed product and see other pictures and scents, go to;jsessionid=GNP3YDT205I1SCV0KRTQIGQ?brandId=Rosebud

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